Questions and Answers

Can we sign a long-term contract at a fixed price?

Yes, it is possible. Milkow has a big experience of signing contracts with fixed prices for the period up to 180 days in advance.

Can you ship goods in Big bags?

We can ship goods in Big bags from manufacturers who have proper equipment, for example, SM «Spomlek», AB źRokiskio suris╗, AB źPieno Zvaigzdes╗. Our experts from Logistical Department can help you to calculate economical feasibility of such packaging.

Which sweet whey powder do you recommend for candy manufacture?

We will study details of your manufacture and consult technical engineers from branch institutions (our permanent partners) in order to choose the best product for you. We will provide you with all necessary prescriprtions.

Can you send us samples of goods?

We are ready to send you samples by mutual agreement.

Which shipping documents do you submit with the goods?

Our customer receives following documents with the delivered goods:

  • Consignment note;
  • Stamped copy of the Quality Certificate;
  • Stamped copy of the Certificate of Conformity (if the goods are subject to certification in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation);
  • Shipping document/CMR (upon request).

Do you grant a deferred payment?

Yes, we do. Information on business terms and conditions you can find in section Finance.

Is it possible to arrange direct shipments from the manufacturer storage house to the customers’ storage house?

Yes, it is possible. Our company has a great experience in direct shipments. We believe direct shipments to be the most efficient, because they allow us to save on transportation and to reduce the time of delivery.

Can you recommend how to lower operational risks, connected with choosing the right raw material considering the technical features of particular manufacture process?

In order to evaluate the compatibility of our goods to your customerĺs manufacture system Milkow provides the following services:

  • Our expert opinion;
  • Engineering support;
  • Samples of goods;
  • The possibility of starting with a sample lot of goods.

In which laboratories do you carry out product quality tests?

The list of Scientific institutes and laboratories, with whom we cooperate, you may find in the section Quality.