Quality of Lithuanian products improves.

In December 2008 leading experts of Milkow visited two Lithuanian plants: Pasvalio Sūrinė, a part of dairy holding AB Pieno Zvaigzdes, and AB Rokiskio Suris.

Purpose of the visit was to see innovative technologies and new equipment of the plants.

In 2008 Pieno Zvaigzdes plantupdated its production line for dry dairy ingredients in order to improve product quality. Now the manufacture is fully automatic. New crystallizer and drying equipment allow to significantly improve quality of sweet whey powder and the up-to-date packaging line allows to improve microbiological content eliminating recontamination. Also, the plant significantly raised demands to quality of raw materials.

At AB Rokiskio Suris (the largest dairy manufacturer in the Baltic states) Milkow experts visited updated line for conversion of sweet whey powder to lactose and whey protein concentrate. The new ultra filtration unit allows to get steadily “clean”, well-demineralized lactose. Managers of the plant mentioned that they plan significant increase of production volumes next year.