Milkow Joined Lithuanian Business Club in Moscow

Milkow has been working in close co-operation with Lithuanian enterprises for 14 years. In May 2009 OOO Milkow became Full Member of Lithuanian Business Club in Moscow.

Lithuanian Business club in Moscow was founded under the auspices of Embassy of Lithuania in Moscow in 2003. Its goal was to give Lithuanian and Russian business people an opportunity to communicate directly in favor of their businesses. Having become member of the Club, Milkow got a chance to expand its trade and business contacts with business people and politicians of both countries. Moreover, membership in Lithuanian Business Club is a proof of business contacts of OOO Milkow in Lithuania. Partnership with Lithuanian enterprises is one of basic priorities of Milkow: turnover with Lithuanian companies is a major part of the company’s activities. Milkow imports from Lithuania butter, milk powders, sweet whey powder, lactose powder and whey protein concentrate.

Within the frameworks of Lithuanian Business Club Milkow initiated a Working Group on Foodstuffs. Its goal is to determine quality parameters for foodstuffs imported from Lithuania to Russia.

«This work within the frameworks of the Club should be useful both for our company and for the Club, - says Levon Gasparyan, Director of Working Group of Lithuanian Business Club, Director of Sales Department of Milkow. – We want to make our contribution to solving most actual problems of further convergence of national foodstuff quality standards and, in particular, of dairy products quality standards which will of course result in further growth of turnover between the two countries».