Offer a hand Kolchuginskiy milk Plant

In the spring 2014 Milkow Ltd. launched a new project - «Offer a hand». This project’s main objective is to provide engineering support to key partners of the company - Russian dairy manufacturers.

The project is aimed at providing consultation services not only remotely, but also through visits to production sites. For this purpose Milkow company management created a Work Team (WT) of the leading experts and specialists in the field of dairy production. The WT is to visit and examine the production plant, analyze specific equipment and technical process, give recommendations on the use of the best possible ingredients and/or equipment in order to improve the operation process.

As part of the project Offer a hand, a range of trips and meetings were scheduled for 2014.

The first meeting took place at the end of March 2014, at Kolchuginsky dairy plant, which belongs to a Group of Companies KM (www.km-zavod.ru). The plant, along with Kirzhachskiy dairy plant, produces not only environmentally friendly products, but also a whole range of elite dairy products. The meeting with the production plant staff and technologists was attended by a member of the Working Team, the Director of the Institute VNIIKOP RAS, Doctor of Sciences, Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Andrey Petrov.


This meeting soon resulted in consulting the technologists, testing the samples of new products, as well as the supplied of a trial lot of goods - says the Project manager, Sales director of Milkow Ltd. Levon Gasparyan.

In his turn, the operation executive manager of the Group of Companies KM Oleg Riklis underlined the importance of the meeting and noted: While the rest of our suppliers are still considering or planning to visit the production site, Milkow Company has already done this.


Milkow Company intends to continue organizing field technological consultations and next plant, that Milkow is going to visit, will be Engels Dairy Plant (Saratov region), which is the largest manufacturer of dairy products in the Volga region.