Concentrated (condensed) full cream milk with dry basis content 40%, including fat content 12 %

Sensory characteristics
Taste, flavor: pure with special light salt odor, without additional flavors and odors
Texture: homogeneous, like liquid cream
mealiness is not accepted
Color: white, close to natural milk color or with light cream tincture, homogeneous

Physical and chemical characteristics
Temperature while loading,0: max 8
Fat content, %: max12
Dry basis content, %: min45
Protein content, %: min12
Solubility index (under 9% dry basis) of moist matter, sm³: max0,1
Acidity(9%dry basis),
Purity: not lower II

Microbiological characteristics
TVC, cfu/g: max2*105
Pathogens (incl. salmonella) 25/g: negative
Coliforms0,01g: negative

Other characteristics
Shelf life: 5days
Packaging: in tanks per 20 mt